Welcome To The Secret Studio Personal Training

The Secret Studio is an exclusive Personal Training studio. Set in a secluded and tranquil setting, away from the hectic, larger conventional fitness centres, The Secret Studio offers a range of different training packages tailored towards your individual requirements.

Incorporating both the Studio and our private woodlands, we specialise in one to one Personal Training. The Secret Studio aims to transform your entire lifestyle, by assisting you to achieve your goals and enabling you to maintain results through complete nutritional and lifestyle planning.

Client Testimonials

If getting fit and healthy is your number one priority then Tom will get you there and keep you there! Tom has been entirely honest since our first consultation; where he said that ‘my progress will depend on what I do when I am not training!’ Tom has helped me greatly to build supporting lifestyle infrastructure which has been the key in moving rapidly towards getting fitter. Tom is a great personal trainer.


Client Testimonials

Having never set foot in a gym before I decided to get a personal trainer. Luckily for me I got Tom. His guidance and advice about training, food and nutrition and explanations for the reasons why I should do things a certain way to encourage weight-loss, toning and improved fitness have really helped me to change my bad habits to good ones. He’s continuously pushing me to achieve more particularly when I think I can’t do it.


Client Testimonials

I have trained with many personal trainers in Maidenhead. I used to go to a large gym and it never really felt right. It felt artificial and despite numerous failed start attempts with various personal trainers to get a healthy routine going I never managed to properly incorporate those gyms into my routine. It felt like an extension on the office. However I love the Secret Studio. Training outside there just feels right and the routine has lasted longer than ever.


Client Testimonials

I was recommended by a friend when I needed advice to help to improve my core strength and leg strength following an injury. I thought I was quite knowledgeable but they had some great, innovative new approaches and diet tips which has really given me the edge. As a result, I am training more efficiently when I go to the gym, and I can see and feel a huge improvement in my strength and posture.


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