Taking Time Out – Why You Should Schedule Time for Recovery.

Taking Time Out – Why You Should Schedule Time for Recovery.


1. Full body recovery in order to maintain long term progress.

2. Injury prevention. It’s important to remember that when you are lifting weights you are breaking your body down, the body repairs and grows with food, sleep and rest.

3. Increased motivation. Taking time out can make you appreciate what training does for you both physically and mentally. Taking a step back will help you appreciate this and increase your motivation to get back to it.

4. Opportunity to reflect on progress made to date. Are you pleased with the progress you have made so far? Are you achieving what you want from your body? If not, why not?

– 1 week off the gym every 12 weeks of consistent training.

– Holidays.

– Performance starts to decline.

A booked holiday is a great opportunity to fully reset and reflect on what has gone well and whether you are pleased with progress.

Three weeks away to the South of France with the family was a great opportunity for me to relax from training, I had a full week off the gym and went on more of a ad hoc basis, I also didn’t always follow my training programme completely. I had a flexible approach to training with either doing upper or lower body based sessions. I find that sometimes you lose some of the playground fun when you are following a programme for a long period of time, it was great to be able to go in and just train without logging.

Up until this point, I hadn’t taken any time off training except taking deloads at the end of a 12 week training programme (recovery week). I continued to train after my first men’s physique competition back in June with Stephen Box as my coach who I’d recommend to anyone who is looking for a coach to support them to stage. My goal is to compete again in the next few years but for the moment I will be building more muscle before deciding to do another competition.

When do you take time out of training?

What are your health and fitness goals?

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