4 Key Points to Building Muscle and Being More ‘Toned’.

4 Key Points to Building Muscle and Being More ‘Toned’.

1. Be patient.

2. Gain 0.5-2kg per month of weight.

3. Weight train between 8-12 reps, complete 12 sets minimum per muscle group per week.

4. Track progress with training performance in the gym whilst monitoring body fat levels.

Building muscle and being more toned takes years of work, realistically 0.5kg per week of weight gain is what can be done if you are in your first year of training. From then onwards providing that you are consistent the rate of muscle growth that can be achieved naturally will decrease, you are looking more along the lines of 1kg per month. Make sure that your body fat levels don’t go above 15% for men and 18% for women.

If you are looking to build muscle then look to spend the majority of your training time within the 8-15 rep ranges. Your focus should be on performing the correct technique and tempo instead of how much weight you are moving.

Look to get between 12-22 sets per muscle group per week. The amount of sets you use will depend should depend on your training experience and also the amount of time you have available to exercise.

Make sure you are tracking your workouts, you should know how many reps you have completed with how much weight used. People plateau when they are not tracking performance. 1.25kg weighted plates are your best friend in the gym, small increases in load and reps over time will lead to success.

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