5 Reasons To Do Compound Exercises

5 Reasons To Do Compound Exercises:

You will be more athletic.
You will build more muscle/tone.
You will be stronger.
You will improve your cardio vascular fitness.
You will improve your flexibility.

Weight training ticks all the boxes when it comes to improving overall health, wellbeing and body image. Weight train with compound based exercises, work hard and stretch.

Compound exercises are weight movements that involve more than one joint and muscle. These are complex based movements which in turn give you greater reward as you are working more muscles and joints in a single exercise.

These exercises include:
Pull Ups
Press Ups
Barbell Bench Press
Tricep Dips

The opposite to this are exercises known as isolation, these exercises include:

Bicep curls
Tricep Extensions
Ab Crunches
Lateral Raises
Tricep Kickbacks

Isolation exercises should be included only if you have the time and also once completed your compound based exercises. The reason for this is because of how much you get in return. For example spending more time doing squats will give you more benefit than doing leg extensions on a machine.

Why You Should Do Compound Exercises:

You are practising movements which you will be doing in every day life, including movements that you would use in any sport or activities. You are always using your body as a whole therefore practising this over time with greater repetition and weight will allow your body to get stronger, faster and fitter. Alongside this compound based exercises will also help you build more muscle/tone as you will be using more in one exercise, this not only makes it time effective but also helps with improving aerobic fitness.

Do a set training programme for 12 weeks and you’ll see and feel the benefits.

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