Body Transformation Programme

Body Transformation Programme

A bespoke Personal Training service for men and women who want to:

Lose fat

Build Lean Muscle

Increase strength

How it works:


Stage 1 Taster Session

Taster Session (1 hour session)

30 minutes Consultation

30 minutes Exercise

Will this be correct for you?

Will we be able to work together?


Stage 2 Personalised Planning

A personalised tailored resistance and nutrition programme for you to follow:

x 1 PT session (1 hour) per week to complete one training session from your programme and to also ensure that you are on track.

Client Support Package: All information that you need located in one place to help support you outside of our sessions.


Clients are required to:

x 1 PT Session per week (1 hour)

x 2 Independent Sessions to follow their exercise programme.

Follow their nutrition programme


Stage 3 Results

This is a bespoke training service which will enable you to focus on the 24 hours of each day and empower you to get the results that you want.

Book a 1 hour taster session: