Having never set foot in a gym before I decided to get a personal trainer. Luckily for me I got Tom. His guidance and advice about training, food and nutrition and explanations for the reasons why I should do things a certain way to encourage weight-loss, toning and improved fitness have really helped me to change my bad habits to good ones. He’s continuously pushing me to achieve more particularly when I think I can’t do it. He knows what I ‘m capable of better than I do, is genuinely interested in my progress and wants to get me to my goal as much as I do. The encouragement and support he provides are invaluable as is his belief in my ability to succeed. With his help I’ve changed from a couch potato to someone who loves to exercise. It’s become part of my life. My whole outlook has changed; I’m a happier person all round with a lot more energy and confidence. Tom loves his work and is always happy and smiling and his positive attitude has rubbed off on me. A truly inspirational man. – R.M.

If getting fit and healthy is your number one priority then Tom will get you there and keep you there! Tom has been entirely honest since our first consultation; where he said that ‘my progress will depend on what I do when I am not training!’ Tom has helped me greatly to build supporting lifestyle infrastructure which has been the key in moving rapidly towards getting fitter. Tom has excellent nutritional knowledge and I believe he has hit on a formula that will work for everyone provided they submit to it, it is not a fad diet scheme it is about developing a healthy overall lifestyle for which exercise is only a part. Tom has taught me that the end game is raising your metabolism , working out and having the infrastructure to support your recovery will lead to the a good hormonal release and this in turn increases your metabolism which means even when your inactive you burn more calories. Tom has been a constant support, taking the time to explain the HOW and the WHY of exercise which has really encouraged me taking his core messages on board and applying them to my life. Tom gives value for money in not just being a PT but also a ‘part time life coach’ being an encouraging and positive support for all that I am endeavouring to achieve in life. Tom is constantly saying ‘you can do it’ and this genuine belief in me that has helped me to get results and sustain them. Tom has successfully helped me to build programmes that have challenged my body and get the most from the time that I whilst exercising, focussing on high intensity and giving 100% each time I work out. Tom has helped me to see that it is not time spent for effort exerted that matters and pushing myself! Tom has assisted with my nutritional education, (what type of food to eat and when.) I am actually eating much more frequently than previously and I am much happier as a result. Tom has certainly enriched my life and I feel confident that he will also assist in anyone’s development, provided they are willing to take his advice on board and respond with the same 100% commitment he has given to me. PT is not inexpensive and therefore you want to make sure you are getting quality and Tom is definitely worth it! PT with Tom is an investment into your entire future. Tom takes the ‘holistic’ approach to getting fit in terms of your whole life. I believe this in turn has led to positive overall sustainable change and not just a quick fix which can lead to short-term results but then de-generate over time. Tom has helped to build positive and lasting change into my life for which I am very Thankful. Tom is approachable and down to earth and an overall nice person, who is genuinely committed to personal development, he embodies his profession and he is a credit to it. I would have seriously regretted not taking Tom as a PT.” – J.D.

When I first came to Tom in Mid-December I had one main goal: to gain weight and increase muscle size. I am a National-level Rower and due to my daily training my cardio-vascular fitness was already excellent, however I had no clue when it came to muscle gain, nutrition or gym. At this point I had done some minimal gym work however with no clear goals and I weighed 76.8kg. I was targeting the GB Ergo Time of 18:20 for 5000m that was required to go to GB Trials and was still some way off. After a very helpful taster session Tom quickly grasped my underlying goals and, due to the small age gap between us, was able to relate to my aims very well. He quickly made me realise that it was as much about nutrition as time in the gym; within days I had received a detailed and constructive diet plan from Tom which increased my number of meals from the standard 3 to a more growth-enhancing 6. At our next meeting, we went to his personalised home-gym styled facility which was convenient as Tom picked me up and dropped me home from the sessions: vital as both my parents have busy lives and I cannot drive. He created a comfortable atmosphere however worked me much harder than I’d ever worked myself before in a gym environment. By focusing on large, compound movements and a strict diet plan, a month and three sessions later, I had gained 4kg and, that same week, achieved the Ergo time required to go to GB Rowing Trials. Despite the clear increase in training and intensity, I was feeling stronger and fitter than ever before and I have the nutrition plan and the fortnightly personalised gym workout to thank for that. I continue to see Tom every two weeks at which point I receive a new gym plan for the next fortnight. By working all my muscles together consistently every week, as opposed to simply bicep curling randomly, I now weigh 84kg; a massive gain of muscle with no sizeable increase in body fat. Due in large part to Tom’s knowledge, advice, nutrition and weights sessions I not only went to the recent GB Trial, I was able to post the 6th fastest time, resulting in an invitation to train with the GB Junior Rowing Squad this Easter.” -S.W.

Tom’s Personal Training has had a powerful influence on my weight loss and fitness over the last six months. His guidance has been superb in terms of understanding more about exercise. I have never been sporty or personally convinced that exercise or indeed Personal Training would give me results but my attitude has changed. It does work! I have been more interested and feel more committed to coming to the gym, and this has definitely helped me to become fitter, stronger and to feel more body confident. Tom’s expertise is evident from the start of every PT session. I’m impressed by the insight he gives to his choice of routines and training sessions. He listens and adapts his sessions to compliment other activities or to challenge old patterns or tired programmes. He is relentlessly encouraging and enthusiastic. Part of his philosophy is of training to benefit the body in everyday life and that makes sense to me. His professionalism in terms of being up-to-date is refreshing. I like that as a client, you usually leave a session with a little sound bite or piece of advice buzzing around in your mind! His ability to transfer confidence is part of what makes his style of training unique. He seems to have endless patience and creativity when it comes to explaining and demonstrating new routines. He has higher expectations of my capabilities than I have and I usually find that he’s right when I try something new or push forward to a higher level. That’s why I would recommend Tom’s Personal Training without hesitation. The time spent learning new ideas has been very valuable to me. And finally….. as they say “this guy is going places”… catch him while you can!” – S.P.

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