Realistic Sustainable Fat Loss – 1lbs per week.

Realistic Sustainable Fat Loss – 1lbs per week.

How do you achieve fat loss?

– Create a caloric deficit.

As a general rule look to create a 500 calorie deficit per day for 1lbs of fat loss per week.

It’s difficult to do this with just exercise alone especially when the majority of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is why it is common to see people struggling with their weight and wondering why they aren’t getting results whilst going to the gym 3-5 times per week. This can be very de motivating and I have experienced this first hand alongside seeing this whilst working on the gym floor. No wonder we had to do calls to members during our shifts asking why aren’t they aren’t using their memberships. It was a silly question to ask really…. For many Im sure it was down to seeing a lack of progress.

Exercise alone will not allow you to lose weight. You are not losing weight whilst you are doing your weekly workout, you are strengthening and shaping your body using resistance training as your tool. To see your strength and shape improve you need time to build lean muscle tissue and the best tool for this is by using resistance training.

Building strong, lean muscle tissue will help you with:

1. Bone density
2. Burns more calories
3. Shapes the body
4. Strengthens the body

Focus on the following:

1. Resistance training and total steps per day.
2. Introducing a system of calorie control.
3. Lifestyle – Sleep and environment (including social)

Combining all three will help you in achieving fat loss. It’s difficult to achieve this using one of the three, instead focus on the combination of all. This is what makes up a lifestyle change.

Here’s one method of how you can create a 500 calorie deficit each day using the combination of all three subjects above.

1. Complete a resistance training programme that suits your time available and preference (will talk more depth about this on another blog). It is important to understand that total daily/weekly calorie expenditure is the centre to this. An easy way to track this is by the use of a Fitbit (I’m coached by Team Box – this is their method, I’m copying this from them).

2. Starting a caloric deficit can be calculated through the following nutrition formula below. Bare in mind that this is a starting point and you will have to adjust this after a 14 day period if no loss has been achieved. (Complete consistent daily weigh ins at the same time every morning). Remember that you also want to collect a combination of measurements including photos, body measurements and cloth size. Measuring your progress will also be dependant on what condition you are starting from. Some people need to consume more calories before dropping them.

Nutrition Formula:

– Bodyweight in lbs x 12 = total calories
– Protein intake: 2-3g x per kg. of bodyweight = protein target to achieve each day.

– Bodyweight in lbs x 10 = total calories
– Protein 2-3g x per kg. of bodyweight = protein target to achieve each day.

For the rest of your calories, don’t be too focused on this for the time being. Start with the basics and progress when you have mastered the basics. Make up the remainder of your calories from either fats or carbohydrates after achieving your protein intake.

On a later post I will share ideas of the best foods to use for carbohydrates, fats and protein. With that said, if 80% of your diet is made up of the good stuff, having 20% of the naughty stuff is fine. We want balance to make this sustainable. Remember that this is a lifestyle game instead of a 12 week shortcut.

3 Key points:

1. 500 calorie deficit each day for 1 lb. of fat loss per week.
2. Combine weight training, steps and diet to achieve a lifestyle change. This will lead to long term sustainable change.
3. Focus on building a strong body rather than how much weight you can drop in 12 weeks.

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