Exercise Is Accumulative Not Instant

Exercise Is Accumulative Not Instant

What’s your goal? Find the correct plan, Who can help you? Set the plan, see the plan through, be patient, this will take time. Keep chipping away, an extra 1.25kg on each side, an extra repetition and be focused on consistency.

Do you remember your first gym session? How far have you come since? How much progress have you made?

Change doesn’t happen over night, if it did then achieving progress wouldn’t be so satisfying. Exercising patience is important and appreciating that there is no destination and this a lifestyle choice will be the only way to become consistent and therefore achieve and sustain your results.

It’s the same when I see my clients, I meet successful people all in their own subjects. Mums who have great relationships with their loved ones to business men who have a genuine belief in achieving what ever they want. It’s contagious and seeing their progress is addictive.

The fact is I don’t think you can ever be a satisfied, you just keep setting your own standards and keep on going. Don’t compare yourself to others, stay realistic and present and focused on the process goals rather than the outcome goals. What are the 2-3 daily tasks you need to complete to achieve the overall outcome?

Have you thought about what you want to achieve? Honestly ask yourself what you want to get from your fitness? This doesn’t necessarily mean setting extreme goals where you are pushing yourself to the limit. There’s no pressure to do an ironman or a London marathon, it can be as simple as completing two workouts per week to improve your health. At the end of the day for the majority of us it’s about doing something that makes us feel better within ourselves each and every day and how fitness can aid your health, confidence and overall wellbeing. Don’t get me wrong, by all means if you want set big goals then go for it! But just remember that this is about you vs you and improving rather than seeking perfection.

4 Key points/questions to ask:

1. What is the goal?
2. What are the process goals to this? (2-3 daily/weekly tasks to complete)
3. Are you too focused on a destination or outcome rather than a lifestyle change?
4. Think progress rather than perfection

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