Fat Loss Problems: Where are my Insantiy DVDs?

Fat Loss Problems: Where are my Insantiy DVDs? 

The Problem:
I once bought the insanity collection – I did one workout and now these DVDs are somewhere in the house accumulating dust.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s tough and I don’t see myself exercising this way on a consistent basis, week in and week out. Burpees are not compulsory to achieving fat loss and for the majority who need help I have found that these types of training sessions can become demotivating for a lot of people. Yes we all experience some demotivating from time to time, however I believe a big problem that a lot of people struggle with is the idea of having to push yourself to the absolute maximum all the time, the mentality of go hard or go home.

Is your foot constantly on the accelerator?

Know when to take your foot off the accelerator and of course there are times when you need to get put your foot down and go! But from the context of achieving a healthier and improved lifestyle then it’s important to slow it down.

I have seen trends of how this can be successful for people and I find it interesting that this isn’t just apparent with just exercise. I’m writing this as I’m walking to the gym, maximising the opportunity to get more steps in whilst working towards my first men’s physique competition. It a Monday and I’m back on meaI plan after coming off the plan but knowing that I’m taking a service break before getting back on the road.

I have certainly seen trends of when you want to shift gears mentally and I’m learning to deal with knowing when to put my foot on the accelerator and when to ease off. Understand when to hit your meal plan and when to relax, understand when to train hard and when to ease off. know when to go to bed and when to take your coffee.

If you are dreading your sessions more than 50% of the time then consider whether you should find a new way of exercising. I love my weight training, what do you love? Is it time for you to try something new?

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